Thursday, March 24, 2016

Day 15 (I see the light)

it needed to be extra large 

A day that began in darkness has now seen the light.

WHY?! Let me tell you....

   This morning, I woke up to my 2 freaking beautiful and incredible nieces being freaking adorable. They came over to play with MiMi (Grandma) and they just make my heart so happy. If you ever want to hear more stories about them, you should follow my sister's blog because it's hilarious ( Shameless shoutout. 

   Anyways, I had one egg, 2 pieces of bacon, and a handful of cashews this morning....and ended up with the shi***s. I was so angry that I finally caved and went on the Whole30 Forum to see what the heck was wrong with me. 

   I moped, said I wasn't losing weight/not feeling the magic, and gave this morning's example. TWO moderators commented almost immediately saying, "Hello! You're not eating enough! Bacon and cashews are a form of fat and you're not having hardly any protein for your meals. You need to eat MORE." 
My reaction
Never in my entire life has anyone told me I should eat more. Okay, well newsflash for me. Apparently eating enormous amounts of cashews can hurt your stomach (why my tummy hurts constantly) AND I've basically been eating ten pounds of fat, which would explain why I haven't lost any weight AND I haven't been eating enough...which could explain my lack of energy? 

Who knows. All I know is that this was me for the rest of the day: 

Pretty much.

Ergo, for lunch I had half a 3/4 a chicken breast, TONS of spinach and...something else I can't remember. I ran off to go get tea with a friend (mine was Darjeeng - so much fun to say) and, please give me a round of applause, I paid for a little almond milk to be put in. AND! I double checked this time!!! Unlike Scooters, I asked to see the carton, and sure enough, it was sweetened. 


After work, I went to Hyvee and bought a crap load of vegetables and some handsome shrimp for tomorrow. Then, for dinner I ate half an avocado, a burger, a handful of carrots and 3/4 a can of green beans. 

Guess what? I kinda feel......full. 

How I Felt Today: 
LOTR, always coming in strong


  1. *applause* Nicely done!!! Jeremy makes killer frozen green beans, if you want to chat with him about that ;)

  2. YOUR GIFS!!!! This day, WOW! So many good gifs have been used, I don't know if you can top it. Also, with the halfway point, you were able to find some new things out, and you have been doing such a great job inputting them! You are getting so close to the finish line, and I'm so happy that you are doing well. You are inspiring! :) Awesome job, and I look forward to the next fifteen days as this all winds down. So proud of you! :)

  3. I came back today just to see and get enjoy from EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!!!