Monday, March 21, 2016

Day 12 (Revenge of the Leafy Greens)

According to the Whole30 timeline, I've made it past the breaking point - woohoo! They said people generally quit on days 10 and 11, well damn! Look at me trotting over here on Day 12.


In reality, this day's been pretty tough. I haven't seen much (or any) difference in my weight or measurements. I've been looking at all the Whole30 "inspiration" and it's made me slightly sad. I'm not as much worried about the diet anymore, mostly because I've become used to it. Eating out at Chipotle wasn't bad, I didn't miss the rice as much as I thought I would.

I have yet to see any energy change, weight loss, or help with my headaches. Blah. To top it off, I had to deal with FAFSA all day trying to get them to STOP BILLING MY PARENTS because hello. I'm still in college, people. 

Ma also informed me today that the reason I may not be losing weight is because I'm eating too many calories/too much sugar. What the heck. I was so pissed. Maybe I read it wrong somewhere, but I thought you were able to eat anything that's Whole30 and not worry about it making you gain weight? Blah. So now I'm tracking my caloric (never thought I'd ever say that) intake on MyFitnessPal and I decided to work out. Whatever. Okay, body. Be messed up. 

Apparently I wasn't eating enough leafy greens - 
     Mom: You aren't eating enough leafy greens
     Amanda: Aren't avocados green?
     Mom: No. Those are fats.
     Amanda: Asparagus?
     Mom: It's okay...
     Mom:.....still not a leafy green but sure, eat broccoli all day long. That won't make you gain weight.

Sorry, carrots. I gotta peace ya. So tonight I had my leftover kahlua pork (still going strong) and the entire plate was covered with spinach aka LEAFY GREENS. Literally. The whole plate, it even covered the meat. I did it slightly to be healthy but also to be sassy. By myself. (Sassy at myself?) Whatever.

This is how I've felt today:


  1. Reasons why I love you and your blog:
    1. Your awesome use of memes/gifs (that llama gif!!!)
    2. Your sassy responses when talking to your mom about leafy greens (it was comical to see you and her talk about it)
    3. The title of this post, just straight up awesomeness
    4. "I did it slightly to be healthy but also to be sassy."--I can totally see you doing this!!

    I'm so proud of you and your willingness to try new things and to give an even deeper effort. It's awesome! Maybe I will have to do it after your 30 days are up!

  2. I don't like leafy greens either. But once a week I go BONKERS on a salad- romaine and spinach, onions, (a few shavings of) carrots, diced avocado, tomato and sliced apple (can you have apples?). It's so friggin good. I mix it in the popcorn bowl (you know what I'm talking about). Make the paleo ranch (whole 30 ranch?) made with homemade good.
    Just a thought :) Love ya! I was a little worried when you didn't update for a few days. I can't take that right now (more worry) so please update regularly thankyouverymuch. ;)