Monday, March 21, 2016

Day 11

Sunday, good ole' Sunday. 

Specifically PALM Sunday (Yay Jesus!). Levi and I sang at 9:00 AM Mass and overtime the word "palm" came up, I accidentally said the word "psalm" every. single. time. And each time Levi would look over at me and smirk  on his perfect, beautiful face. 
AHA! I captured it on camera. "Levi Smirk: 
After I woke up late to get to Mass, I returned home to eat my leftover chicken strips/BBQ sauce with various veggies and fruits and rushed off to work from 12-5. 

For din-din, I met up with my soul sister, Sara, whom I hadn't seen in practically forever. Okay, it was really around two days, but it felt like forever. Remember me saying that I've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off? So has Sara and it was so unbelievably good to sit down and hang with her, even if we applied for internships and did homework. 

We got din-din at Chipotle mostly because that's one place I can eat and they randomly sent my house a "One Free Meal" coupon - just for the heck of it! I think they probably sent it because they've had so many cases of e-coli and their business is hurting, but I chose to ignore that. 

Instead, I got myself a salad with double barbacoa and mild salsa. Let's think about this - I got SALSA on my Chipotle. This was a first for me (so much so that I even called Levi to tell him). It was delicious. I'm thinking of risking e-coli again sometime soon.
This is Sara 
After din-din ( I really like that word), we went to Scooters to do homework. Now, I made sure that they had unsweetened almond milk (the barista double checked), but he shouted "Cafe Latte with almond milk" back to the lady making the drinks and I'm pretty sure she made it with regular almond milk. So I took a few sips and threw it away, but my tummy was upset that night. Did I eat too much at Chipotle? Was it my 2nd cup of coffee? Was it the possibly unsweetened almond milk? 

Who knows. All I know is that my paper is not due this week like I thought, but next week. 

How I felt that day: 

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  1. Sunday was a great day! I'm glad it was for you, too! Plus, we had a lot of fun singing together.

    Or maybe your upset tummy was from e-coli!?! (I doubt it)

    Love you, and I'm super proud of your hardwork and effort.