Saturday, April 2, 2016

Day 23 (Prepping for Chicago)

I lied. Yesterday was Day 22, and today is Day 23.

I've decided to start re-introducing foods to my body before the 10 hour car drive to Chicago to see what makes me feel like a pile of poo.

What's interesting is how much I fight myself on this - I feel like I'm failing the world for reintroducing the foods, that I'm letting everyone down and that I'm going to gain all the weight back. Isn't it weird how we do this to ourselves?

With that in mind, I made my dang decision and I'm sticking to it no matter the responses. Part of me is a little concerned about my reaction - I think Whole30 was supposed to help me live a balanced life, but my mind goes to the extremes. I.E., if I eat one cookie, I'M DOOMED AND I'M TERRIBLE AND I'VE FAILED.
This is what Extreme Amanda is saying in my head when I eat something non-Whole30

Keep in mind, though, I've gone 22 Days with no cheating or mistakes - which is cause for a party itself! Granted, apparently I wasn't eating enough the first 15 days, but still... I'd be down to try Whole30 again (the correct way). 

So to combat the little bratty voice in my head, I've decided to take on the presence of peace and marsh-MELLOW (aka I will be impersonating sloths in my mind) 

How about........chill 
Fun fact about sloths: Apparently they're pretty mean and will yell at each other. Can we take a moment to bless the sloths because they physically don't fight, they just yell. Ahaha. 
This is pretty much how I challenge Levi to a tickle war 

Anyways, I'm getting excited for Chicago, but less excited about planning meals. I've had to run to the grocery store numerous times just to stay in stock now that I'm eating so dang much. 

I feel like I'm jumping all over the place here. Honestly, I'm avoiding my rhetorical analysis of Cicero that I have to write and I'm super tired. 

Claire and I went to the art walk downtown last night, and that's when I had my first re-introduction of dairy! I got a little cup of vanilla ice cream from this super hipster ice cream parlor. Guess what! I didn't die! While my stomach didn't feel the absolute greatest, I didn't have any emergency trips to the bathroom or rotten farts. Honestly, cashews have a more negative effect on my body than dairy so far. 

Don't worry, I'm not going to skydive into a canyon of cheese (although I would like to), but I am excited to know that dairy is one thing that isn't trying to kill me! Yay! 

How I Felt Today: 
Definitely trying to be a bad ass, but it didn't happen -_-


  1. The first two! Awesome. And that is how you challenge me to a tickle battle!! Maybe I will have to start caring "Tickle Monster" with me now....

    Even after the reintroduction of food, and I quote from last night, "I think I'm going to re-do the Whole 30 again once I get back from Chicago."

    This on top of your awesome 22 days is a huge cause for celebration! GO 'MANDA, GO 'MANDA, GO GO, GO 'MANDA!!! You have been rocking socks and taking names. I'm so proud of you, and your willingness to try even harder. It's been awesome to see your growth both emotionally and spiritually through this process. You go, Glen Coco!

  2. I'm still waiting for your last few days of blogging!!